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Save 70%+ on AWS EKS Bill

AWS EKS (Kubernetes) on Spot instances! Easy, Scalable, Affordable

Optimized EKS for Developers

Airkube provides cost optimized (70%+ savings) EKS clusters in your AWS account. Ideal for, developers (Web, AI, Big data) or any large EKS clusters

Save on your AWS EKS bill

By running AWK EKS on optimized automatically scaling AWS spot instances in your own account. AirKube allows teams to reach 70% or more AWS bill savings.

Container Driven Scaling

AWS has long provided options for scaling based on CPU usage, but this does not work for Kubernetes. Instead AirKube offers container native scaling. The cluster always scales to accommodate available pods

Mixed Instance Types and AZs

AirKube supports spawning instances of different ec2 sizes and in various AWS availability zones. This ensures minimizing spot instance disruption and improves scaling while maintaining lowest possible cost

Simple Pricing


We believe in simple pricing. You pay us 20% of what we save you! If we don’t save you money, you do NOT pay us!

During BETA, you are not charged if you agree to be share feedback on your experience. Scroll below and sign up quick!


We get to keep a small fraction of your savings!

See Airkube in action NOW

Nothing makes me understand a product, like see’ing it working! Here’s a brief demo of what to expect from Airkube. We show you how an Airkube cluster scales up when more pods need to run. And how it scales down to zero. How it mixes spot and on-demand instances, and mixes different availability zones!

Connect Airkube and Get started NOW

Connect Airkube to AWS

Airkube needs to connect to your AWS account to be able to launch and manage EKS clusters. We are very careful to only require minimal permissions!

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